Commit to be fit!

These are not your average group classes! At Centered Body Pilates, you can expect a high level of instruction with an emphasis on mindful breathing, proper form and quality of the movement. We offer a variety of classes where there is a direct focus on aerobic and anaerobic improvement. We employ a variety of different tools in these classes including TRX suspension straps, kettle bells and circuit training.

  • CBP Barre:  Classes focus on a full body workout emphasizing the hips, thighs, seat, core and arms.  Barre classes use Pilates and Ballet moves to challenge and strengthen while protecting your joints through a challenging sweat inducing workout.
  • Kettlebell: Kettlebells recruit multiple muscle groups at once with a focus on the back and core musculature These classes give you a well rounded workout that will improve your strength, balance and endurance.
  • TRX: TRX suspension straps use your own body as the resistance tool. The straps challenge your core musculature and balance throughout the entire workout.
  • Circuit Training: Circuit training combines high intensity cardio intervals with muscle sculpting resistance exercises to maximize caloric burn in one easy to follow workout. Clients move through timed exercise stations that challenge the strength and endurance of all major muscles groups while also developing better cardio-respiratory efficiency.

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