Group Equipment Training System Class Optimizing Repetoire applied to the CoreAlign Setting


The Group Equipment Training Systems Class Optimizing Repertoire (GETS CORe) program is an organized group class progression that we have applied to the CoreAlign setting. The program uniquely teaches CoreAlign exercises to address faulty movement patterns that have been developed in the body over time through gravity, negative postural habits, injury or just general aging.

The CBP GETS CORe program is designed to take the novice CoreAlign client to an advanced skill level within a 15 week period. The program begins by teaching foundational CoreAlign exercises and quickly progresses to more mentally and physically demanding exercises. Homework assignments, instructor demonstrations and exercise building blocks keep students engaged and challenged week to week.

The GETS CORe program is a 30 class program split into 3 phases. Phase 1 (5 weeks or 10 classes) is called the Foundation phase. This is when you learn the fundamentals of CoreAlign, get to know your body better by identifying faulty movement patterns and imbalances and start working on movement efficiency. Phase 2 is the Integration phase. This is when the exercises start to progress and challenge the body through more integrated CoreAlign exercises including rotation and extension of the spine. Phase 3 is the Challenge phase. The exercises are more advanced and the focus is to bring your muscular strength, flexibility, coordination and skill set to a whole new level. We describe the program as "getting a Bachelor's degree in your own body." After completing the GETS CORe program students will then have the ability to take our Advanced level classes.


GETS CORe Program:

$624 - Series meets twice weekly for 15 weeks ( Includes Phases 1-3 with a 20% discount)
$260 - Series meets twice weeks for 5 weeks (Single Phase)

Advanced Classes:

$240 - 10 Class Package (35 day expiration)
$550 - 25 Class Package (3 month expiration)
$1050 - 50 Class Package (7 month expiration)
$270 - 10 Class Extended Package (75 day expiration)

GETS CORe Supplemental Packages:
Exclusively available to Centered Body Pilates GETS CORe Clients:

$165 - (3) 1 hour private sessions

Individual Private Lessions available at $75/ hour

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