Reach Your Personal Goals

At CBP, Pilates is more than just a workout. We never teach a string of exercises only aimed at giving you a good workout, though you will get one! We aim to involve you in the learning process making your Pilates practice better, stronger and deeper. Our process of teaching Pilates always begins with, and continues to emphasize the fundamentals of movement.

Each individual session is focused towards reaching your personal goals. We choose exercises and movements specifically for your unique needs to assist your body in reaching its maximum potential. When teaching Pilates, we focus on the "how and why" of each exercise and aim to re-pattern your movement behavior with a progressional "building block" format. This progressional approach allows our clientele to not just perform the exercise but develop and understanding of how each exercise is part of a larger developmental movement process to reach your goals. Within this process, we strive to master what healthy movement is for each individual person.

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