Lisa A.

5 stars for CBP! There is nothing quite like a Pilates workout! It is truly a mind/body connection like no other. The staff at Centered Body Pilates completes the connection for sure! I have been with CBP since it's inception and they are a cut above! They are not only knowledgeable but can modify any exercise to compensate for and meet your body's needs. It does not matter what age or level you are, whether you are athletic or not, if you are rehabbing from an injury or just want to maintain or get into shape - the benefits of Pilates is simply amazing! Thank you CBP for your knowledge, professionalism, and friendship...and for continuing to challenge us!

From Jane A.

If you want an amazing workout, try the CBP Barre classes!!!

From Diane Q.

I absolutely love going to my Pilate classes. The instructors have challenged me both physically and mentally and I feel I have become stronger in both areas. Such a positive experience for me.


Maria C.

Centered Body Pilates has made it possible for me to visit family in Manhattan and walk without the kind of pain I used to feel before making Pialtes part of my weekly routine. The staff is top-notch, the classes are engaging, and I can always count on my instructor to modify moves based on my personal needs. Anyone who is considering Pilates - this is the place to go!


 Jane A.

Top notch instructors and fun-loving participants! I always feel like a million bucks at the end of my one hour reformer class.

From Jen C.

I have been doing Pilates at Centered Body Pilates for 4 years now, and it has truly changed my body in many ways. I am stronger physically, have better posture and am a much more efficient runner. Pilates is, at once, challenging, inspiring, rewarding and humbling. My sister-in-law introduced me to Pilates and to Francesca, and now my mother and many friends have become regulars as well. Classes are fun to be in and you can work at a pace appropriate to your ability. During private sessions I am able to hone in on strengthening areas most important to my body and to improve my running. The staff at CBP is wonderful to work with, flexible to scheduling needs and always provides a smile and a warm welcome. They have become much like an extended family to me. I am grateful to Francesca and her team and I look forward to many years of hard work ahead!

From Nancy S.

My experience with Pilates began Four years ago. I'd been having trouble with my hip for several years, walking was painful and I was becoming more limited in what I could do. I decided that improving strength and flexibility might ease the pain. As a former dancer, Pilates appealed to me because of its emphasis on core strength and the whole body as opposed to exercise targeted at one specific problem or muscle group. After several months, the strength and flexibility did improve, but the pain continued. Further tests revealed the need for a complete hip replacement. I continued with Pilates classes in preparation for the surgery with the goal of being in the best shape possiblie which I hoped would facilitate my recovery.

I was told I would be out of work for 4-6 weeks. I was back to work part time at 2 weeks and full time at 3 weeks. I started physical therapy with Durant PT and returned to Pilates with slight modifications at six weeks by which time I was pain free. Three years later, I have 100% functioning, no pain and the ability to hike, rollerblade, ski and dance. I also have upper body strength that I never had as a dancer!

As I approach my 60th birthday, my muscle strength and balance are as good as they were when I was 30, and although Pilates has done nothing to erase the silver in my hair, it has vastly improved how I feel and move. When I hike with my grandchildren, go out dancing, or lift 35 lbs of cat litter with ease, I know what has made the difference. The expertise and support of the trainers has been invaluable and I continue to be happily "addicted" to Pilates.

From Stephen M.

In a mere two years, Pilates has virtually reversed my poor posture brought on by 40 years of sitting at a desk. I whole heartely recommend Centered Body Pilates to anyone seeking greater flexibility, improved core strength and reversing a life time of poor posture.

From Bill S.

I travel a lot. I wear a backpack and carry a big duffle bag, instead of roller luggage, so I can work my upper body. This time I got carried away and put too much in the bag. I was looking at sore arms and shoulders for a couple of days, given past experience with this kind of abuse. That evening in the hotel I noticed a burning in my core that went away by morning. No shoulder or arm soreness...

….More recently, after the first snowfall this year, I paid a visit to my friends farm do some cross-country skiing, which I had not tried in a couple of years. Expecting my usual unsteadiness after a period away, I was surprised at how easy it came back, when I realized it was all in the Core. I tried to explain Pilates to my friend he said, "Pilates?" That's some kind of mushroom, right?"

The mechanism that attempts to deliver weight to the core stays open, even after years of getting no answer, ready for reclamation. Thanks to Pilates and the fine staff at Centered Body.

From Lisa K.

A key component to my ITB/hamstring recover in 2010-2011 was the series of Pilates classes I took for several months at Centered Body Pilates. Francesca, Kaylina and Heather are master teachers who thoroughly invest themselves in the health and progress of their clients. Their vast understanding of how Pilates enhances heath served me most effectively. In the time I attended classes, I observed their superior instruction for those coming off of injury, those new to exercise, those who have chronic health issues and those who compete athletically, not to mention those interested in fitness in general. Their current class options only reinforce how deeply they prioritize Pilates as a pathway to unlocking the body’s potential. The scope of instruction in Pilates that they offer is, to me, unrivaled in the area.

From Maria C.

Before coming to Centered Body Pilates, family trips to Manhattan were a chore. I couldn't walk more than a half a city block without being in pain. My most recent trip to Manhattan was very different. I easily kept pace with my family members, and I have Centered Body Pilates to thank.

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