Barre Classes

CBP Barre classes achieve a full body workout concentrating on the areas we aim to strengthen most:  hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. Barre classes use ballet and Pilates moves to challenge and strengthen while protecting your joints through a challenging sweat inducing workout. We work to defy gravity with weightbearing exercise by lifting everything in and up!  Add in some heart pumping music and you have an exciting class to transform your body.  We believe anyone can master the barre. . .no prior dance experience required!

Commit to be fit with TRX classes

At Centered Body Pilates our mission is to change lives by empowering clients to reach their health and fitness goals. We do this by offering Training Programs to meet the individual needs of today's body. The cornerstone of our studio is the development of proper body mechanics through Pilates training. We support this idea with the CORE Power Training Program to enhance the overall effectiveness of your training and take your functional movement to a higher level.  CBP classes will help you achieve your best through TRX straps, kettle bells and circuit interval training classes.

Did you know that Joseph Pilates was an avid runner? Also, early photos of Joseph Pilates show him performing his method with kettlebells in the background. Like Joe, at CBP, we understand that a healthy body is attained in many ways and a consistent Pilates program is only one piece of a well rounded fitness routine.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength, improve mobility or just feel better, CORE Power will help you achieve your best and still have a good time!